Six Feminist Poets Everyone Should Know

There's no better way to get inspired and impassioned than by reading the words of trailblazing feminist poets who have bared their souls through poetry. In honor of National Poet's Day, we're celebrating these inspirational, game-changing women.
MAKERS has partnered with illustrator Kimothy Joy, whose work focuses on depicting heroines past and present, to bring some of the most beautiful words written by women to life.
1. Maya Angelou, Still I Rise
Civil Rights activist, author, and poet Maya Angelou paved the way for women of color to take their power. Her iconic poem, "Still I Rise," is an anthem for embracing female sexuality.

2. Pavana Reddy, A Soft Woman
Though she may be a woman of few words, Pavana Reddy's poetry encapsulates the strength inherent in every woman.

3. Cleo Wade, Girl Power
Cleo Wade is one of our favorite modern poets, and not just because she brought her passion for advocacy to the 2018 MAKERS Conference. The poet's 'Heart Talk' language is sure to inspire women from all walks of life.

4. Emily Dickinson, 'Hope' is the Thing With Feathers
Nineteenth-century poet Emily Dickinson was one of the earliest feminist voices in writing, fueling English class discussions for generations.

5. Anne Bradstreet, Meditations Divine and Moral
Anne Bradstreet was the first woman ever honored as a "New World" poet. Despite having penned her prose more than 350 years ago, Anne's words on the duality of adversity and prosperity still ring true today.

6. Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar
Few artists have been able to capture the beauty in pain and consciousness like Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and author Sylvia Plath. While a difficult read, her novel "The Bell Jar" is a reflection on the expectations society places on women.

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