Beginner's Knitting Guide

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Crochet or Knitting

Knitting is divided into 2 ways, crochet and knitting. Simply crochet using 1 needle while knitting using 2 needles. More details about the difference between crochet and knitting are discussed in this article. As a beginner, it is recommended to learn crochet first ya .. Because it's easier and easier to learn even for beginners.

Choosing Yarns and Needles (Hakpen)

If you decide to start learning the type of crochet, you should know, the size of the hook varies. Right-size conversion can be seen here. For the initial project you should choose a needle (hakpen) which is rather large in size, to facilitate and get used to holding the hand. We recommend choosing a 4 mm needle. Even different types of yarn ... Various types of yarn can be seen here.

Adjust the thread to be used with the size of the hook right. Yarn and Hakpen can be purchased at the yarn shop there is an online shop that sells yarn and Hakpen


On this website you have been taught various basic crochet stitches, and various initial knitting stitch terms, so try practicing those basic stitches first.

Choose Project
After you are familiar with the basic stitches, choose a project that is not too big and the process is not too complicated.

Then choose a simple project that you want to make. We suggest trying to make blankets with this granny square pattern or blankets with this simple motif. Or you can look for crochet and knitting patterns that are widely available on the internet.

Now, you are ready to get started :)

Happy knitting
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