5 Quick Tips to Set Your Dance Class Assistants Up for Success

A great assistant can have a huge impact on the success of your toddler and preschool dance classes. They can help transform a class from chaotic to orderly.  Today, we are giving you 5 quick tips for setting your class assistants up for success. Taking the time to think through the school year and how you can help them to do the best job possible is worth it! Your parents, teachers, assistants, and students will thank you.

5 Quick Tips to Set Your Dance Class Assistants Up for Success

Decide how you will compensate your class assistants for their time.

Will you ask for volunteers? Pay them an hourly rate? Offer a tuition credit? You need to decide what works for you. Communicate this information right from the beginning so that there are no surprises.

Get clear on the benefits of being a class assistant.

Make sure you are providing enough value to your assistants (especially if they are volunteering). Maybe you could organize a few workshops throughout the year to really bring your assistants in on your process as a teacher and choreographer. Emphasis the extra training they will be receiving as future teachers. Consider giving them opportunities to practice what they are learning. Maybe they could warm up your class once a month or choreograph an 8-count.
They are helping you, so make sure you are helping them to grow! A little studio swag is always appreciated:)

Set boundaries.

Think through the things that you want and do not want your assistants to do during class time and around the studio. Then tell them! You need to be very specific and clear. Address your assistant throughout the class to help them feel confident in what they are doing. “Now, we are going to make a circle with Miss Melissa”, “Now, Miss Melissa is going to help our friends all make a line”. Clear instructions make everyone feel better.
Also, don’t be afraid to give constructive criticism. If this makes you nervous, set a timeline checking in and giving feedback at the start of the school year. Then, it will be expected.

Talk about attendance.

Consider giving your assistants a copy of your employee handbook. Talk through what they should do when they have to miss, how many absences are acceptable, and what will happen if attendance becomes an issue.

Say thank you!

Make sure they know how much you appreciate their help. A simple thank you every week can go a long way. Remember your assistants around the holidays and recital. Encourage your students to thank their assistants at the end of class.
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